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Enhance your career with our flexible IT courses. Enroll with us and learn up-to-date computer science programs.

Whether you are a non-English speaker, or a non-Arabic speaker, our Language programs are designed to help you improve your language proficiency.

We prepare employees to excel at work. Our full range of soft skills courses are carefully designed to meet your needs.

Are you straggling to get the required IELTS® score, enroll with us and our qualified teachers will assist you to achieve your goal.

ELES has a unique experience in designing and implementing GFP programs to colleges and Universities in Oman. 

In this 21st century, the world has become aggressively global. The contemporary workplace requires the workforce to demonstrate a wide range of skills that are needed to meet the requirements of the new world.

At ELES we are fully aware of the upcoming challenges and therefore, we help our community be ready for them. Our programs cover the most important 21st. century skills, and in Oman, we are uniquely assessing them.

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