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Tourism College

during the year 2003

We have implemented the General Foundation year (so called at that time) for the Tourism college. The program was designed to bridge the gap between the outcomes of the high school students and the entry requirements of the college and its affiliating universities abroad. 


University of Buraimi

2011 - 2013

in 2010 also Buraimi University successfully managed to start its official operations thanks to strenuous efforts deployed among all the major stake holders. We were honored to be part of the team who started he university. We were entrusted to design, implement and manage the GFP   


Nizwa University


In 2004, we were entrusted by the newly setup University of Nizwa to design and implement its GFP program, mainly the Intensive English Language Program. the Aim was to bridge the gap between the high expectations of the affiliating universities and the modest levels of the fresh graduates from the high schools in terms of English proficiency. 


A'Sharqiyah University

2010 - 2013

In 2010, A' Sharqiyah University contracted us to design and implement of its GFP program between 2010 and 2013. The ultimate objective of the program was to improve the levels of the new entrants to the university in English language proficiency, Math skills,  Information technology and Study skills.

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