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Speaking test (computer-deliver)

TOEFL juniors

The TOEFL® JUNIORS tests measure students’ language strengths and weaknesses via assessing all communicative skills in English and using most up-to-date practices in the field of language assessment.


The TOEFL® Junior tests, is intended for students ages 11+. The tests are designed to generate reliable and most accurate picture of students’ proficiency levels based on extensive and solid research.

These tests come in the following formats:

  • The TOEFL Junior® Standard test: It is a paper and pencil test measures:

    • Reading Comprehension,

    • Listening Comprehension,

    • and Language Form and Meaning.


>> The TOEFL Junior Standard test is currently available in over 65 countries around the world.

  • The TOEFL Junior® Speaking test: Its is done online using computer and it assesses:

    • Speaking proficiency.

Test Duration
Skills Assessed
Score Scale
18 minutes
  • Speaking proficiency

0 - 16
  • Identifying if a student has acquired necessary English communication skills needed for his/her class, which is using English as a medium of instruction.

  • Making sound and accurate placement of students in English programs.

  • Measuring the learning progress of students throughout an English program in order to identify the growth of their language proficiency.

  • Giving English teachers and their school the necessary feedback about the progress of their students.

  • Generating accurate feedback and related descriptions to enable teachers cater for parents inquiries about their students’ performance in an English program.

  • Using the TOEFL® juniors’ Reading marks and their mapped Lexile® measures scores to help students make convenient books choices for their reading activities.

  • Giving teachers schools and parents an international benchmark of their students’ performance via generating scores, which are mapped to the Common European Framework of Languages (CEFR).

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