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About Us

ELES operations began in 2001 and since then it has developed its programs and services and expanded its national branch network to include  Mawaleh,and Salalah.


Tel: +96824542082/2047 Fax: 24540242

Mawaleh South , Mazoon Street, Near Ahmed Clinic. Muscat, Sultanate of Oman


Tel: +968 2328 8008/8475 - Fax:23297633

P.O. Box 1135, P.C. 211, Salalah - Sultanate of Oman

Training Programs
international exams

ELES offers a full range of training programs in English and Arabic. The aim is to develop Students’ language proficiency and develop their soft skills necessary for a successful job performance. We provide tailor- made courses required by companies, government, military, business etc 

Whether you are planning to pursue your higher education studies abroad, or you have been asked to show a reliable proof of your English language proficiency, eles is the best place in Oman where you can find all your needs.

We offer a wide range of international examinations and testing services to both students and employees. This range includes:

TOEFL® Family Of Assessment,

The Workforce® Assessments Solutions.

We offer preparatory courses for these tests.

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Educational consultancy is at the heart of our core business. We have been consulting higher Education students, primary and secondary parents, corporate clients as well as government agencies on the best practices in developing language proficiency.


We are committed to following best industry practices in hiring and attracting qualified staff. Guided by our international academic auditor’s recommendations, ELES has focused its hiring policies in order to attract the most qualified instructors regardless of their nationality, race,

ethnic group or religion. Our recruitment policies are geared to sourcing teachers with required qualifications and experience which best suit our operations and client needs. All our teaching staff are carefully vetted for their experience, cultural awareness, methodology and technical know-how in the classroom. 


since its foundation, ELES has been building its network of partners, its international partnerships and affiliations.


With a focus on client service, accountability and quality control, ELES has been committed to sharing the training needs of our partners and improving the vocational and academic futures of our students for almost 15 years.

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Rashid Al Saadi

Mr. Rashid Abdullah Al Saadi

 I have benefited greatly from my studies at English Language Education Services center. The classrooms are very well equipped with smart boards and comfortable environment. The teachers are very friendly and helpful

Moosa Al Maini

Moosa Abdul Rahman Saleh Al Maini

I had great learning experience at ELES. Since I joined the institute, my English has noticeably improved. I am always looking forward for everyday that I will come to attend the class to learn new things

Nasser Al Ruzaiqi

Nasser Salim Hashil Al Ruzaiqi

Thanks to ELES, my speaking, writing, reading and listening skills have improved. The teachers here have good methods of teaching English. I strongly recommend this institute to students

Waleed Al Ghafri

Waleed Musabah Al Ghafri

ELES provides excellent services to its students. It has many qualified teachers. They have ability to provide the information in easy way. ELES has modern equipment’s which help students to learn more.



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